Are there any Discounts Offered?

We currently do not have any active Discounts.

Is everything really Organic?

Yes, all of our offerings are generally sourced from USDA certified organic vendors.  Rarely, a product cannot be sourced as such and is generally noted otherwise.

What is In-House Almond/Coconut Milk?

In-house Almond or Coconut milk means that we make the Almond and Coconut milk in the store, generally daily.

Can I customize my order?

We try to make sure that our products can be customized and tailored to what the patron wants.  Smoothies, Bowls, Coffee Drinks and Teas are easily customizable.  We offer add-ons for our Bottled Juices, but they cannot be customized because they are made in batches and bottled ahead of time.

How do you make your juices?

Two or more times a week, depending on demand, we make and bottle all of our juices and shots.  During this time we cold press all of our juices, mix our recipes, and bottle them.

Can I pre-order juices?

We take pre-orders for larger amounts of juice.  Limited catering options are also available.  Individual and small orders may be placed Online. Please contact us for more details.